Monday, 4 April 2016

Leopard Cardigan

I started a new project, a Leopard cardigan, from Autumn and Winter 2014 Burda Knitting special.
The yarn recommended is Rowan yarn, Baby silk merino dk, kidsilk haze.  I bought enough yarn to do the front.  I plan to get more yarn for the back and sleeves.  The back as well as the front is knitted flat, whereas the sleeves, I plan to knit it on circular needles.

Tartan Lula Hoop

When I started knitting the Tartan Lula Hoop, I used 15mm straight needles and I got tired of the knitting back and forwards.  So I changed to knitting on circular needles. The only circular needles available are 80cm in length, using the magic loop method.  It worked very well, also I added an extra 2 stitches, instead of having 18 stitches, I made mine with 20. Whenever I changed colour, I left long pieces of yarn, which can be easily be weaved in.  The concept by 'Wool and the Gang' and 'We are knitters', is the get young people knitting, using chunky wool, so it knits up quicker and make it very fashionable indeed. 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

What I have made during March 2016 Tartan Zion Lion

My daughter and I went to the Spring Knit and Sewing show, which was held in Olympia, early in March. Wool and the Gang were there and I bought 5 balls of their Crazy Sexy Wool, which is 100% Peruvian wool, made in Peru.  The colours were 2 wools of Ultra Violet, 2 wools of True Blood Red and 1 ball of Ivory White.  Weight super bulky.  The instructions said to knit on 12mm needles, rib, then knit in reverse stocking stitch.   I knitted the hat using circular needles, since I have found easier than with straight needles and I don't have to sew up the back.