Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Christmas Mittens

Showing the Fair Isle pattern, with the circles, trees and girls holding hands.

What have you been doing?

The top picture are the Christmas Mittens designed Marie Wallin, which I knitted for my daughter. I went to Wool Week 2014, which was from 5th - 12th October.  I went on Tuesday 7th October at Southwark Cathedral, which I meet Marie Wallin.  Her website is I learned to do Fair Isle knitting, where you knit with more that one colour to make pattern.  Although I I have done it before, which can be see in my earlier post, however I learnt to knit the English way, one colour in the right hand and the Continental way, the other colour in the left hand and it is a lot quicker, than using one hand to knit two or more colours.

 I had such great fun and I started the project on Wednesday 8th February, then I had to start again on 19th October and finished the right hand mitten on 25th October, and started the left hand mitten on 26th October and finished on 15th November 2015, mostly did my knitting at the weekends, so I was very pleased.  Ayodele was able to get them before Christmas.   

The cream hat knitted on Saturday 21 and finished on Sunday 22nd February 2015, the pattern was from Knit Today, issue 106 January edition from the little booklet 'Quick and Easy Knits,' the red hat was crocheted, using a pattern from Inside Crochet, started on 29th January, using Roma wool from Debbie Bliss, cost £8.95, the patten was not too difficult, until it came to the crown and it took me some days to sort it out, I think the pattern was written wrong there, anyway I finished it and posted the picture on Inside Crochet facebook page by the 1st January 2015.  The hat and scarf was started on 12th January and finished on 7th February 2015.

Very pleased that I am starting and finishing my knitting or crochet projects.